Nokia PC Suite

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Nokia PC Suite helps you transfer files from your computer to your phone and the other way around using a wireless or cable connection. File synchronization, editing and backup are also possible.

Nokia PC Suite has been designed for older Nokia phones and its last version, 7, appeared in 2012.

This final version ensured automatic and safe data transfer between PC and phone, fast connection to the Internet, managing multimedia files, contacts and messages.

Additionally, you can create, edit and send contacts and messages; you can add new entries to the calendar on the phone using the interface of Nokia PC Suite; you also get Nokia Video Manager by installing Nokia PC Suite and you are always informed about incoming calls and new messages.

The simple and intuitive interface of Nokia PC Suite enables you to start transfers, synchronization, editing and backing up within minutes, even if you are a beginner.

Nokia PC Suite’s easiness of use comes from the fact that all functions can be accessed from the main window and you don’t have to open any menu to have access to the option you need.

Nokia PC Suite allows you to connect your mobile phone to your computer using four options: Bluetooth, infrared, serial cable and USB cable. The USB cable is the fastest option.

The synchronization option refers to the fact you can back up your contacts, notes and calendar on your computer and keep them safe in case you need to restore those contents.

Even if it is recommended for older phones, this application offers support for Windows 7 and should work just fine on most systems. Install it to your computer and you will be able to get the most out of your multimedia mobile phone.
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Nokia PC Suite
Maryam Khan
on 11 December 2023
Nokia PC Suite is a reliable companion for Nokia phone users who seek seamless connectivity and management between their devices and computers. The software offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and perform essential tasks such as file transfers, data synchronization, and software updates.

One notable feature is the efficient backup and restore functionality, providing peace of mind for users who want to safeguard their valuable data. The suite also enables internet connectivity through the phone, turning it into a modem, a handy feature for users on the go.

While the software might lack some of the advanced features found in more recent mobile management tools, its simplicity and stability make it a dependable choice, especially for users with older Nokia models.

Overall, Nokia PC Suite strikes a balance between functionality and user-friendliness, catering to the basic needs of Nokia phone users who value a straightforward and effective connection between their devices and computers.
Nokia PC Suite beta
Le Hong Sy
on 27 June 2008
very good!
Nokia PC Suite beta
magan agarwal
on 13 June 2008
found it very useful