NEAV1E (or NotEnoughAV1Encodes) is an open-source project focused on making AV1 compression accessible and efficient.

Efficient Encoding with NEAV1E

NEAV1E isn't your typical encoding tool. It's designed to maximize the power of AV1 compression, ensuring videos look great while taking up less space.

Thanks to advanced algorithms and techniques, NEAV1E delivers superior quality and performance for streaming, storage, and distribution.

Supported Encoders for Every Need

NEAV1E offers support for a wide range of encoders, catering to diverse user preferences and requirements:

Intel Quicksync AV1 (Intel ARC):
Ideal for users seeking hardware acceleration and efficiency, Intel Quicksync AV1 delivers fast and high-quality encoding, particularly on Intel ARC GPUs.

With support for NVIDIA's NVENC AV1 encoder on RTX 40 Series GPUs, NEAV1E enables users to leverage the power of NVIDIA's hardware for efficient encoding.

aomenc / libaom:
NEAV1E integrates seamlessly with aomenc and libaom, the reference encoder and library for AV1, providing users with flexibility and reliability.

rav1e / librav1e:
For users seeking a lightweight and fast encoder, NEAV1E supports rav1e and librav1e, offering high performance and ease of use.

SVT-AV1 / libsvt-av1:
NEAV1E also supports svt-av1 and libsvt-av1, optimized encoders designed for high-performance and scalability.

Users can utilize libvpx-vp9 for encoding in VP9 format, offering compatibility and versatility across platforms.

libx265 / libx264:
For those requiring H.265 (HEVC) or H.264 (AVC) encoding, NEAV1E supports libx265 and libx264, delivering efficient compression without compromising quality.

Flexible and User-Friendly

What sets NEAV1E apart is its adaptability. Whether you're encoding HD video for streaming or compressing footage for storage, NEAV1E offers customization options to meet your needs.

With support for various settings, users can find the right balance between quality and file size, tailored to their specific requirements.

Open Source for Collaboration

NEAV1E is open-source, meaning it's freely available for anyone to use and improve. This fosters collaboration and innovation within the community, driving the evolution of video compression technology.

By democratizing access to advanced tools, NEAV1E empowers creators and developers to shape the future of online video.

Experience NEAV1E Today

In a world where video content is king, NEAV1E is leading the way in efficient encoding. Whether you're a content creator or a tech enthusiast, NEAV1E offers the tools you need to optimize video compression.

Download NEAV1E and embrace the future of encoding with NEAV1E and see the difference for yourself.
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