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MPEG2Repair tests HDTV transport streams and lets you know if they are MPEG2 compliant or not.

Moreover, the application eliminates any errors it detects and it rules out incompatibility issues.

There are three functions you can use with MPEG2Repair: Error Detection, Error Repair and Improve Compatibility (using a decoder).

The error detection function checks the streams for elements that are not compatible with the MPEG2 standard; Error Repair automatically corrects them and the last function of the software, Improve Compatibility, checks the streams for errors related to MPEG2 decoders.

Other features you will enjoy with MPEG2Repair are: marking errors with time stamps and file positions; removing corrupt data or replacing it with valid bits; fixing issues that affect decoder compatibility such as missing headers, incorrect continuity, partial GOPs and so on.

The repairing performed by MPEG2Repair is not intended to improve the visual appearance of errors, but rather to remove them.

MPEG2Repair is useful especially when you want to play older contents that are not compatible with new software and hardware. The source of errors is usually recording software. MPEG2Repair will make sure your old recordings will be played error-free, without needing to use old hardware or applications.

The final versions of MPEG2Repair have been improved with several fixes and additions: better performance of initial PID scan on slow wireless networks, added limited H.264 video support, added a FileWildcard ini setting to support custom input and output file extensions and removing the beta expiration date. was the last version of MPEG2Repair and afterwards the project was discontinued.

By using MPEG2Repair, you will be able to detect errors and to fix them in no time. This application was mainly designed for HDTV transport streams and it detects and fixes errors while also taking care of incompatibility problems.
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on 23 June 2010
Did not fix anything.