MPC Audio Decoder

MPC Audio Decoder (previously known as MPA Decoder) is enabling you to decode MPA files - MPA is an MPEG-2 audio file which does not contain video and which is usually recommended for web users.
The size of the audio file is reduced and sounds can be downloaded more easily.

The format is supported by a variety of media players.

In order to install MPA Decoder, you need to use the same installation method that is recommended with DLL and AX codec files. See How to install/uninstall DLL and AX codec files from Guides section. However, an installer is available now.

The latest versions of MPC Audio Decoder have been added several improvements:

- Optimized work with the internal buffer.
- avoid accidental connection to .wtv files (Windows Television);
- fixed decoding of some TrueHD streams;
- improved support for bitstreaming when changing device;
- added ability to switch between devices with SPDIF/Bitstream support to the device without such support;
- fixed fast and slow playback modes;
- fixed problems with playback in case of AC3 encoding the source with a frequency different from 44100/48000 Hz;
- fdjusted priorities of selecting a suitable output format; improved output data bitstream for DTS-HD.

To decode DTS use libdcadec. Added support for decoding DTS 96/24 and DTS-HD MA.
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