mp3Extractor enables you to copy sectors from an MP3 audio file and to create new MP3 files.
This feature is useful when you listen to radio shows or live performances and you are interested only in certain parts of the MP3 file.

Unlike similar software, mp3Extractor doesn’t rely on silence between the tracks and it lets you select the exact music pieces you want to keep.

mp3Extractor ensures fast and easy navigation through large MP3 files and it allows you to set starting and ending positions for the portions you want to copy.

This application delivers superior performance, compared to cutters, which only trim files, and to splitters, which cut the files into pieces. mp3Extractor has been designed precisely for browsing through your MP3 tracks and making quick decisions about the portion you want to extract.

Another feature of mp3Extractor is taking notes; whenever you hear something interesting, you can write a note and you can always go back to the exact same place.

mp3Extractor’s options can be accessed using keyboards shortcuts, instead of doing hundreds of mouse clicks. You won’t need paper and pencil anymore either and at the same time, you won’t have to listen to hours long input material in real time.

The last version of mp3Extractor, 09.08.24, had several bugs fixed, such as browsing for linked files working again and visualization working correctly for very large files, and it also featured a technical change: in the final release, frame data is stored more safely in terms of memory allocation, avoiding “out of memory” errors.

After installing mp3Extractor to your computer, it’s time you get rid of all those huge MP3 files of live performances and radio shows and keep only what’s really interesting!
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