mp3DirectCut 2.36

4.8 from 5 Reviews

mp3DirectCut is a small but powerful tool for editing MPEG audio. The main operations you can perform are cutting, adjusting volume, splitting, copying parts to other files etc.

All these are possible without converting your audio files to PCM or WAV.

The fact that mp3DirectCut works directly with MPEG files without needing to decompress them saves time, effort and quality.

You avoid both decompression and re-compression, which would lower the quality of your audio files.

This application will be found useful by people who want to cut their favorite parts from long live recordings, but as you begin to use it, you will discover many other interesting features.
Other formats supported by mp3DirectCut, apart from MP3, are MP2, MPA, AAC, CUE and MUS.

Your work in mp3DirectCut will be a lot easier due to its batch processing capabilities. You can perform the same operation on multiple items at the same time, which saves time and effort once again.

Other features of this program are the MP3 recording with ACM or Lame encoder, the support for Layer 2 in DVD and DVB audio, MP3 visualizations, the ID3v1.1 tag editor, the ID3v2 tag keeping, the track splitting with filename and tag creation, the VU meter and the bitrate visualization.

You can also opt for command line usage if you prefer it over a GUI.

A thing you should consider if your system has no ACM for MP3 is the mpglib.dll file, required for cutting MP2.

The performance of mp3DirectCut is satisfactory; it doesn’t use too many system resources, it works well and it responds fast to commands.

mp3DirectCut is being constantly improved so it is up-to-date with the latest requirements and innovations; it is the favorite of many users and it makes audio editing a very easy task.
Reviews & Comments
mp3DirectCut 2.23
on 12 May 2017
Great tool. But now Ativirus alert: Infected with Virus (troia)

Admin's Note: it's false positive!
mp3DirectCut 2.19
on 01 December 2013
I have been with mp3 for more than 15 years now an I think it's okay to say I am some kind of experienced user ;-)

In small words: Mp3DC rocks!

Extremely fast and reliable for single track as well as for massive batch jobs.

mp3DirectCut 2.08
on 25 May 2008
I have tried many mp3 editor applications before discovering mp3DirectCut.

It is just a perfect application. You are not going back to whatever mp3 editor that you are using now after giving mp3DirectCut a spin.

I agree with gary, However it is not only capable of one task. It does more than just cutting mp3 files. Few features from the homepage:

.Non-destructive cut, copy, paste
.Volume change, fade, normalize, pause detection
.mp3 recording with ACM or Lame encoder
.Trim ┬╖ Crop ┬╖ Fast play ┬╖ Loop play

Have a good day and people this application simply ROCKS