MainConcept Motion JPEG Codec 3.2.4

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Encoding motion JPEG files becomes fast and easy with the MainConcept Motion JPEG Codec, an application which also allows you to view files created on another computer, even if you do not have specialized hardware.

This codec is recommended to manufacturers of webcams, surveillance systems and of various video devices. MainConcept Motion JPEG Codec helps you save money by eliminating the need for expensive compression chipsets.

One of the biggest problems of the MJPEG file format is the lack of compatibility.

This format was used especially for converting analog video signals to digital signals, but it is not standardized.

This means that every manufacturer uses their own variation of the MJPEG format. If someone tries to play a MJPEG file on their computer, they might need a powerful software tool in order to open material created on another system.

MainConcept Motion JPEG Codec eliminates incompatibility issues and allows you to play any MJPEG file, no matter who created it. This application has been used successfully for videoconferencing, medical technology and as an add-on in existing MJPEG capture cards.

If you are an average user, MainConcept Motion JPEG Codec can be helpful for you, too, as it allows you to open Motion JPEG files with your favorite media player. Some of the advanced options you can access are interlacing, using AVI1 markers, enabling and disabling YUV2 and UYVY, adjusting the bitrate and the playback quality, inverting fields and AVI1 order and so on.

Even if it has not been developed anymore since 2004, this application can still be useful for anyone needing to work with the MJPEG file format, without using specialized hardware.
Reviews & Comments
MainConcept Motion JPEG Codec 3.2.4
on 19 February 2019
I find it very powerful and helpful.
Motion JPEG Codec 3.2.4
on 11 October 2007
It's a demo codec from Mainconcept !!!
Motion JPEG Codec 3.2.4
Paul Hustava
on 02 May 2007
I just purchased a Fuji FinePix F650, and found that while I could play the AVI format files, I couldn't open the file in JASC Animation Shop to grab frames.

I downloaded this Codec, and now I can open the file into individual frames.