Mobile AMR Converter 1.5

4.44 from 9 Reviews

There are not too many tools converting MP3 or WAV to AMR. The Mobile AMR converter is one of those applications which allow you to easily convert your multimedia contents to the format used by mobile phones, AMR.

The application is outdated (its last version was released in 2005), and so is the AMR format, which was used extensively in older mobile phones for recordings and MMS.

If you still need to work with this format, the Mobile AMR Converter can help you convert your files within seconds.

The formats supported by this utility tool are AMR, WAV, MP3, and SP.

The conversion process is very simple: select the input files, choose the output format and hit the “Convert Now” button. Anyone can do it, even if they are clumsy beginners.
Reviews & Comments
Mobile AMR Converter 1.5.0
on 11 February 2013
Works perfectly to convert my AMR voice recordings from my cell to something I can actually work with.

VLC can play them, but I needed them transcribed by Dragon, and this converter did the trick.
Mobile AMR Converter 1.5.0
on 30 January 2010

Jus got a new MOTO RAZR2 V9 for my christmas gift from my baby n needed a converter for recordings and one shot w/ no spyware got what i needed!!

Mobile AMR Converter 1.5.0
on 13 December 2009
Perfect!! Thanks!