MediaCoder 0.8.65

4.42 from 19 Reviews

MediaCoder is an advanced software dedicated to power users and serving as an audio and video batch transcoder.

Its features have been borrowed by a variety of applications and all these features are available in just one simple to use and intuitive GUI.

When you want to get the most out of your movies and music, installing lots of codecs and software tools for gathering all the advanced options you need is not the best solution.

You can choose instead to deploy MediaCoder on your computer and you will have one virtual item including a variety of features.

At first, MediaCoder can be quite overwhelming because of its many options.

Its most important features are enhancing audio and video contents using filters, a generous set of transcoding parameters for adjusting and tuning, GPU encoding acceleration, converting between the most common audio and video formats, ripping BD/DVD/VCD/CD and capturing from video cameras.

If you get lost in all these advanced options and prefer a limited experience for beginners, hit the “Simple mode” button and you’ll be able to familiarize with MediaCoder more easily.

If you are a power user, there are always additional tools to explore.

To put it more simply, you will be using MediaCoder for mainly these purposes: reducing the size of audio and video files, ripping audio and video discs, repairing corrupted and partial downloaded files, extracting audio tracks from video files, and converting media content for playback in multimedia devices and for online publication or broadcasting.

To sum up, MediaCoder is a complex tool allowing you to get the best out of your media files. Its outstanding features will stun beginners and will fully satisfy pros.

If you are a power user who edits and streams media contents, then MediaCoder is definitely a good choice for you.

Supported Fomats:

* Lossy Audio Compression Formats:
- MP3, Vorbis, LC-AAC, HE-AAC, Opus, AC-3, MPEG Audio, MusePack, Speex, AMR, Windows Media Audio, ADPCM, mp3PRO
* Lossless Audio Compression Formats:
- FLAC, WavPack, Monkey's Audio, OptimFrog, ALAC, TTA, PCM
* Video Compression Formats:
- H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, VP8/VP9, MPEG 1/2/4, Flash Video, XviD, DivX, Theora, Dirac, H.263, RealVideo, Windows Media Video, HuffYUV, MJPEG
* Container Formats:
- MP4, WebM, F4V, FLV, Matroska, AVI, MPEG-PS, MPEG-TS, ASF, MTS/M2TS/AVCHD, Quicktime/MOV, PMP, RealMedia, OGM
* Storage Media and Streaming (Input):

Changes to MediaCoder 0.8.65:

- Built with Visual Studio 2022
- Updated x265 3.5 (AVX2)
- Updated x264 159.2991 (AVX2)
- Updated FFmpeg 5.1.2Updated FFmpeg

Reviews & Comments
MediaCoder 0.8.65
on 13 October 2022
Great file converter, but they should work on the interface. In some cases it's unlogical and very confusing.
MediaCoder r5
on 28 May 2011
the interface is a mess, really counter-intuitive,
it's completely opposite to all standard interfaces that we see in other similar GUI's,

The wizard setup is great, and really thought out, explains many things of the application's settings, and really guides the user what they want the program to do..... but then the program finally loads.... what a mess.... hundreds of boxes and settings exposed to the user....

the entire GUI needs re-structuring,

i would recommend

Fairuse Wizard,

MEGui (a learning curve for sure, but a powerful GUI none the less)

Xvid4PSP (quite good, the recent 5.x.x versions have come a long way)

AVIDemux (more of an editing tool, but still good functions concerning conversion possibilities)

i say again, MediaCoder needs a GUI that has the kind of thinking that went into the programs setup wizard.
MediaCoder 0.7.3 build 4677
on 18 June 2010
Great file converter, but they should work on the interface. In some cases it's unlogical and very confusing. But overall one of the best file converters ever.