MatrixMixer 0.30b

MatrixMixer is an audio plug-in which integrates perfectly within Winamp and enables users to perform various actions such as converting audio files to DTS14 or DTS16, or adjusting voice and LFE settings.

Another use of the MatrixMixer plugin is upmixing stereo sources to multiple speakers; this plug-in has been built for playing videos with stereo audio track on 5.1 audio systems.

The main features of MatrixMixer include:

the ability to change the matrix, automatic gain control, dynamic range compression, input and output levels indication, conversion from any input format to any output format, supporting channel configurations from mono to 5.1 and sample formats 16 bit/24 bit/32 bit float, delays for each output format and individual gain control for each input and output channel.

The last version of MatrixMixer, 0.30b, was released in 2004, and it was improved with the following changes:

a totally rewritten filter, dynamic range compression, auto gain control, individual delays for each channel, individual gains for each input and output channel, Vortex support, support for dynamic format change at input and output, support for multichannel input and output, support for 16/24/32/float sample formats at input and output, loading several copies of filter bug fixes, time shifting and crash or matrix change fixed.

Developed by XilasZ, this application is completely free and easy to install by anyone, even if they are not experienced users.

On the other hand, MatrixMixer is a complex tool and it is rather recommended to experts than to average users.

MatrixMixer has not been developed anymore for a long time and it may be outdated for most systems. Many new applications offering the same functions have been launched, and it is up to users to decide if they need this filter or not.
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