MagicYUV Lossless Video Codec 2.4

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MagicYUV is an advanced lossless video codec which allows you to perform recording, archiving and video post-production fast and at high resolutions.

This application is able to provide faster-than-realtime performance for FullHD and 4K resolutions on up-to-date computers.

MagicYUV is performance-oriented, and mathematically highly optimized.

Its main advantage is maintaining the same video and audio quality as the input video file while allowing you to save disc space, too.

The main consequence is increased video processing speed, because your computer needs less time to read the data.

At the same time, the load on CPU is kept at a minimum level, due to MagicYUV’s multi-threaded design.

The extremely fast speed of MagicYUV is possible due to its advanced SSE optimized coder/decoder engine. Bandwidth is reduced without compromising quality and the video material is identical to the original one.

As for system requirements, MagicYUV works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, and it runs on 32, 64 and 86 bit architectures. The CPU should support the SSE2 instruction set, and most modern 32 bit CPUs manufactured after 2005 should be compatible with MagicYUV. Use a diagnosis utility such as CPU-Z if you are not sure about the performance and capabilities of your browser and search for “SSE2” in the features list.

The settings of the MagicYUV codec are simple. This application is suitable for all user categories, from beginner to advanced.

MagicYUV is a modern solution for encoding your videos without affecting their quality. At the same time, your favorite movies will occupy less memory space and you will also enjoy other features, such as recording and post-production, at an ultra-fast speed.

Changes in MagicYUV 2.3.2 :

- NEW: Vegas Pro plugin: Installer now installs the plugin for Vegas Pro 19.
- NEW: New codec variant: 10-bit YUV 4:2:0.
- FIX: Fixed incorrect video length of certain AVI files when imported into Adobe software through the plugin (particularly files recorded by vMix).
- FIX: Minor Adobe plugin improvements: better error handling/reporting (like disk full, etc.).
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MagicYUV Lossless Video Codec 2.4
on 03 February 2024
very good product. i recommend it.