libde265 Filters 0.2

libde265 Filters is a Windows package with DirectShow filters for playing H.265/HEVC Matroska videos on media players like Windows Media Player or other software using DirectShow filters.

It supports popular audio codecs like AAC and MP3 through ffmpeg by default.

This latest release incorporates libde265 version 1.0.2 and upstream LAVFilters version 0.65.

What are the Features of libde265 Filters 0.2?

Key features include DirectShow demuxing and decoding filters for H.265/HEVC, supporting Main10 profile, VUI decoding, and HEVC version 2 RExt (excluding certain profiles).

Derived from Nevcairiel/LAVFilters, libde265 Filters utilize the libde265's H.265/HEVC open source video codec.

Optionally, during installation, Matroska files (.mkv) can be associated with Windows Media Player.

These are the Components Installed:

- libde265 Splitter (32-bit)
- libde265 Splitter (64-bit)
- libde265 Audio (32-bit)
- libde265 Audio (64-bit)
- libde265 Video (32-bit)
- libde265 Video (64-bit)

How to Install libde265 Filters?

To install, simply download and execute libde265-filters-0.2.exe on your Windows machine (admin rights required).

This will install the DirectShow filters and associate Matroska files with Windows Media Player.

Then, you can play H.265/HEVC content in Windows Media Player or other media players that use DirectShow filters for decoding - you may also want to check out: Playing HEVC Files on VLC Media Player.
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