iuVCR helps you records your favorite programs using a TV tuner or a video capture card.

This application is recommended for computers running Windows 2000 or Windows XP (Windows 98 and ME may also work, but the program’s developers don’t recommend them).

The output formats created by iuVCR are AVI and WMV.

The program’s interface is user-friendly and straightforward. Features such as capturing video of various formats or starting recording automatically are easy to access.

The main advantage of iuVCR is using DirectShow, a technology that was new at the moment when this program was first released.

Unlike old video capture programs, iuVCR doesn’t limit file size to 2 GB. The file size is only limited by the computer’s hard disk capacity.

The main features of iuVCR are TV channels tuning, IEEE 1394 devices support, arbitrary choice frame size, capturing video with frame size up to 768 x 576, video stream preview during capture without frame size limitations, Microsoft Windows Media Format support and Windows Media Encoder integration, integration with Windows scheduler, continuous capturing across multiple disk partitions, splitting captured video stream to multiple files, support for DirectShow filters for realtime video processing and API for third-party remote control applications.

Besides obtaining long lasting videos at any resolution, you can apply various filters: crop, histogram, logo overlays, deinterlace, timestamp, and motion detector filter. You can also choose the video compression codec, configure the audio parameters, take snapshots and select a video source type (PAL, NTSC or SECAM).

iuVCR features numerous video capture and editing options, which should please the average user who wants to record their favorite TV shows and optimize images the easy way.
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