ISOburn 2.0

Updated: 24 Jan 2017

2.33 from 3 Reviews

ISOBurn offers you a fast and simple way of creating and burning ISO images on CDs and DVDs.
ISOBurn has a plain and minimal interface which packs a limited range of burning options.

The main idea behind this software is burning ISO images without too much effort.

Beginners shouldn’t find working in this application a challenge.

The process of burning ISO images is very simple: select the path of the ISO file (drag and drop importing is possible, too), choose the destination folder and indicate the type of disc you want to burn.

Rewritable discs can be erased with this program and you can burn in one single session, too.
ISOBurn needs just a few minutes to complete tasks due to its fast and powerful burning engine. No matter what operating system you run on your computer, ISOBurn will work seamlessly.

Moreover, the application uses a small amount of system resources to do its job and it doesn’t affect your computer’s performance. ISOBurn is both incredibly lightweight and very powerful.

ISOBurn doesn’t have an instructions manual, but on the other hand, it doesn’t need one. Its interface is straightforward and its options are limited. ISOBurn seems to have been designed for basic users and anyone is ready to burn with this application even if they are not computer-savvy. On the other hand, advanced users may be disappointed with the lack of features in this utility and they might need to try a more complex burning application.

All in all, ISOBurn is a good option for beginners and for anyone needing a basic and easy to use piece of software which offers ISO burning capabilities.

- For Win XP/2000 users: If you have problems with the progress or the program has other problems, use this WNASPI32.DLL. Replace the original ASPI with the WNASPI from Nero (i.e. copy WNASPI32.DLL in ISOBurn's folder). Although it wasn't tested, you may also try to use the Adaptec's ASPI.
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2.33 from 3 Reviews


ISOBurn 1.8
on 04 July 2007 , reviewed by:

Verify won't work if there is a space in any part of the path or filename. Looks like VerifyFile.exe ...


ISOBurn 1.6
on 14 July 2006 , reviewed by:

I also get "Divide by zero" error message boxes with Win98 SE. Any suggestions? Grace and Peace, JRM

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