InfraRecorder 0.53

3.67 from 3 Reviews

InfraRecorder is a free tool for CD and DVD burning and which is also able to work with disc images.

The main features of InfraRecorder are:
- the Windows Explorer integration,
- creating mixed-mode projects,
- recording to dual-layer DVDs,
- deleting data from rewritable discs using four different methods,
- recording disc images (ISO and BIN/CUE),
- fixating discs (preventing additional data from being added to the disc),
- displays disc information,
- creating disc copies,
- scanning SCSI and IDE bus for devices and finding out information about their capabilities and also importing session data from multi-session discs while even adding more sessions to them.

Additionally, you can save audio and data tracks to files, in the following formats: WAV, WMA, OGG, MP3 and ISO.

All the features of InfraRecorder are easy to use due to the application’s intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Right from the beginning you can select the type of disc you want to create and have access to the configuration settings which will help you get the desired results.

Creating a disc is easy task due to the multi-panel screen provided by InfraRecorder; you can easily browse your hard drive and add new files to the disc.

There is also the possibility of using the drag and drop method for importing files. You can extensively configure the burning process (writing speed, buffer underrun protection and so on) and verify the disc before it’s ejected.

InfraRecorder has its place among the variety of similar applications; it is lightweight, totally free, it works impeccably and it allows you to easily configure the burning process. This application is also available in a portable version for those who prefer to avoid installation.

Changes to InfraRecorder 0.53:

- Fixed write speed detection issue.
- Fixed bug where maximum write speed would be used instead of the selected one when burning DVDs.
- Fixed bug in creation of UDF and ISO9660 file systems containing many files and folders.
- Relaxed ISO9660 duplicate file naming algorithm.
- Added support for non-standard character sets in ISO9660 file systems.
- Various minor GUI changes.
- The space meter will now automatically adjust if a blank DVD is inserted.

- For some countries, InfraRecorder may lack the plug-in needed to encode MP3 files because of patent license restrictions. Get the binaries from download page (get InfraRecorder 0.53 - MP3 plug-in).
Reviews & Comments
InfraRecorder 0.50
on 23 January 2010
what you see is what you get a small piece of DIME stars CD/DVD burner THAT WORKS... stick to your day job @ beast buy coastMer no.service lol
InfraRecorder 0.50
on 21 August 2009
0.46 is my choice burner. Brill with not even the one coaster.

However, 0.50 update nigh on effed my drive.

I normally write at 6x. No matter it tries to write at 22x and all hell lets loose. The DVD Disk option is a non-worker.

4 coasters later I gave up with 0.50

I run XP on a stable system with 15 years PC experience. LG Writer.

I'll stick to 0.46. Which is FAB as Hell
InfraRecorder 0.44.1
on 04 December 2007
Excellent small CD/DVD burner that does everything you want (i.e. burns CDs and DVDs) without any of the bloat - why the hell does Nero have to package in a goshdarn media server, media player, media encoder etc etc with its burner?

Go for it.