GPU-Z is a free and powerful utility software developed by TechPowerUp. It's specifically designed to provide users with detailed information about their graphics cards.

From the GPU model and architecture to temperature readings and clock speeds, GPU-Z offers a comprehensive overview of your GPU's inner workings.

Key Features of GPU-Z:

Detailed GPU Information:
Provides comprehensive details about the GPU, including model, architecture, fabrication process, memory type, and driver version.

Real-Time Monitoring:
Monitors GPU performance in real-time, including temperature, utilization, core clock speeds, memory usage, and fan speeds, ensuring optimal performance during intensive tasks.

Customizable Interface:
Offers a customizable interface, allowing users to prioritize and arrange information according to their preferences, whether focusing on temperature, clock speeds, or other metrics.

Validation and Sharing:
Includes a validation feature for users to validate and share their GPU specifications online, aiding in benchmarking and troubleshooting by enabling accurate hardware comparison and community assistance.

Lightweight and Portable:
Stands out for its lightweight and portable nature, requiring no installation, making it ideal for users who prefer a clutter-free system while running diagnostics or monitoring GPU performance.

Optimizing Your GPU with GPU-Z:

By leveraging the insights provided by GPU-Z, users can optimize their GPU for peak performance and longevity. Monitoring temperature readings allows users to prevent overheating and potential damage to their graphics card.

Additionally, understanding GPU utilization and clock speeds can help users identify performance bottlenecks and optimize their system settings accordingly.

Changes in GPU-Z 2.59:

- Fixed "unsigned driver cannot load" error on Windows 7/8
- Fixed Resizable BAR status showing "Yes" instead of Enabled/Disabled
- Fixed Resizable BAR status showing as disabled when NVIDIA Optimus GPU is sleeping
- Fixed Resizable BAR status showing as enabled on eGPUs
- Added support for NVIDIA RTX 2000 Ada and RTX 1000 Ada Laptop
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