Gordian Knot Rip Pack 0.35.2

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The Gordian Knot Rip Pack provides a simple way of ripping DVDs and performing video encoding and decoding.

At first, Gordian Knot Rip Pack used to be a bitrate calculator for DivX encoding, but its developers have transformed it into an advanced tool for both DivX and XviD encoding.

The main actions that Gordian Knot Rip Pack allows you to perform are DVD ripping, creating a DVD2AVI project, selecting the desired bitrate and resolution and adding subtitles to the final video.

The tools contained by Gordian Knot Rip Pack are:

Robot4Rip 0.5, vStrip 0.8f CSS, BeSweet 1.5b30 + azidts 0.1, Avisynth 2.5.5, Avisynth Plugins, DGMPGDec 1.4.3, VobSub 2.23, VobSub Rip Wizard, VirtualDubMod CVS, Nandub 1.0RC2 'lumafix ecffix' and ChapterXtractor 0.962.

VirtualDubMod is one of the most powerful tools provided by Gordian Knot Rip Pack; it offers extensive information about the AVI file which is being processed and it enables you to process multiple streams.

Nandub is an edit and capture utility which assists AVI files encoding.

Some of the options provided by the Gordian Knot Rip Pack are indexing and decoding VOB, PVA, VCD, MPEG and SVCD streams; offering information for each frame; performing video demuxing for m1v and m2v; performing audio demuxing for formats such as AC3, MPA, DTS and AAC; working with DivX and MPEG4v2 compressed AVI files and many others.

Gordian Knot Rip Pack is a complex application whose advanced components allow you to get the most out of your DVDs. From ripping to encoding and editing, this software provides you with all the tools you need in order to enjoy DVD movies as standalone files on your computer.
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Gordian Knot Rip Pack 0.35 pack2
on 17 January 2006
it's a great pack of codecs .It works very good on a PII at 440 .
I recomended strongly .
Gordian Knot Rip Pack 0.35
on 18 July 2005
Because this comes from SourceForge it means that this is a program written by anoracks for anoracks. Coming from the school of Linux means that there is no help file or documentation supplied. That would make it too easy. The probability that one could correctly enter the large number of settings is so small that I have decided not to waste my time trying to use this program. It also requires that you process the vob files with several different programs in addition to Gordian Knot. I tried this approach once before and it didn't work then and I expect it would not work now.