foobar2000 Mobile 1.6 2024-07-17

If you're an audiophile or just someone who loves high-quality music playback on your mobile device, foobar2000 Mobile is the app for you.

This versatile and powerful music player offers a seamless experience across all Android devices, whether you're using a phone, tablet, or even a TV.

System Requirements

To get started with foobar2000 Mobile, ensure your device meets the following requirements:

Android 4.1 or newer for foobar2000 Mobile 1.5.1.
Android 7.0 or newer for foobar2000 Mobile 1.6 preview.
With broad compatibility, foobar2000 Mobile supports all form factors, ensuring a smooth experience regardless of your device.

What's New in foobar2000 Mobile

foobar2000 Mobile Version 1.5.1 (Released on 2024-05-22)
Fixed a critical crash issue and cleaned up icon resources.

foobar2000 Mobile Version 1.5 (Released on 2024-05-20)
Introduced a new skin file format, updated the default skin with codec information, and exposed the "Skins" folder via FTP. Enhanced playlist scrolling, added a picture viewer, and supported Ogg chapters. Included new DSP effects, fixed URL encoding issues, improved equalizer and decoding speed test usability on Android TV, and enhanced cuesheet handling.

Why Choose foobar2000 Mobile?

foobar2000 Mobile stands out with its rich feature set and robust performance.

Whether you're customizing the look with new skins, fine-tuning your music with advanced DSP effects, or enjoying seamless playback of various file formats, foobar2000 Mobile has you covered.

Its dedication to regular updates and enhancements keeps it a top choice for music enthusiasts.

If you’re already a fan of Download foobar2000 for PC, you'll appreciate how foobar2000 Mobile brings the same level of quality and customization to your Android device.

Download foobar2000 Mobile APK for Android today and transform your mobile device into the ultimate music player!
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