Filmerit 3.1

Updated: 20 May 2016

Filmerit is a useful tool which will enable you to clean and manage DirectShow filters from DirectX.
DirectShow filters are usually provided originally with DirectX, but each application may install its own filters and replace the original ones.

As a result, conflicts may appear and some multimedia applications may stop working.

Some codec packs can create this kind of trouble.

This is where Filmerit comes into action and corrects incompatibilities.

Filmerit is not the only DirectShow filter management application, but it is one of the best due to its powerful features.

First of all, Filmerit will detect all the DirectShow filters installed on your computer and display them in alphabetical order. Filters causing errors are highlighted in red.

The data gathered by Filmerit can be exported to a text file for further analysis. Moreover, you can compare such a LOG file with new data produced by Filmerit and see the difference between the two situations. This feature allows you to view the changes which occur after installing a new codec pack.

Power users can fine-tune their filter configuration even more by modifying the merits of each filter. This means changing the priority level of each tool and choosing the filters you want to work before others.

Don’t worry if you don’t get it right from the first time; you can save a new merit configuration and restore previous settings. This allows you to use temporary configurations and solve the most difficult conflicts.

Filmerit is a complex tool, designed for those advanced users who want to eliminate filter conflicts and have extensive control on DirectShow filters. It provides a simple way of keeping your multimedia system clean and functional.
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Filmerit 2.1
on 09 March 2007 , reviewed by:

delete menu is disabled and the title bar displays can anyone tell me how to proper settings for filmerit? thanks ...

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