Exact Audio Copy 1.6

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Exact Audio Copy (EAC) extracts music by making 1:1 copies of your audio CDs and it also offers a wide range of extra features: creating ID3 tags, compression, detecting and correcting errors and so on.

Exact Audio Copy uses advanced technology which reads audio CDs perfectly and detects errors.

For instance, in case a distortion is identified, the application will tell you on which time position it is.

You don’t have to listen to the music you have ripped because Exact Audio Copy does it for you using multi-reading with verify and AccurateRip.

Most audio rippers only perform jitter correction, but Exact Audio Copy, besides correcting losses of sync, highlights non-exact corrections and allows you to listen to these portions. Speed is automatically reduced when errors are detected and, additionally, volume normalization is performed.

Other features of Exact Audio Copy are compression offset support for exact compression and decompression, detecting silence in pre-track gaps, detecting pre-track gaps, automatically creating CUE sheets for Feurio, Burrrn, Nero and EAC, previewing copied music with the built-in media player, browsing and editing local databases, synchronizing between tracks for non-accurate stream drives, multisession CD support, CD-text support, glitch removal after extraction and many others.

Furthermore, Exact Audio Copy packs a basic WAV editor allowing you to perform various operations: normalizing, trimming, deleting, pad, glitch removal, noise reduction, interpolation of ranges, fading in and out etc.

Exact Audio Copy is extremely reliable and stable, it includes a variety of options and it focuses on smart error correction. By using this application, you will obtain the best output and get the most out of your music CDs. Exact Audio Copy is definitely more than just a CD backup utility.
Reviews & Comments
Exact Audio Copy 1.0 beta 1
Jim Doe
on 24 November 2010
The best ripper ever created!!
It has so many functions in the advanced mode,that will satisfy even your greatest needs!!
Produces absolutely perfect copies and is the best way to encode your music to mp3,as it works sweet as a host for LAME Encoder!!!

Cheers to the ingenious creator behind this superb and valuable FREE software!!
Top of its class!!

I wonder how the first 'normal' version of the program would be,as these -so far- are only(!!!) beta versions!!!
Absolutely great piece of software!!
Exact Audio Copy 0.99 prebeta 4
on 11 November 2008
This encoder/ripper is the best in it's class. Superior error correction, etc.
Exact Audio Copy 0.95 prebeta 5
on 11 October 2004
Have used this many time and it is excellent.