Easy Subtitles Synchronizer is a reliable free tool helping you to create, edit and synchronize subtitles.
You can enjoy its features even if you have no experience with subtitle creation and repairing.

Easy Subtitles Synchronizer supports SUB and SRT subtitle formats, and you can also upload video files (AVI, MKV, MPG, DIVX, MP4, RM, WMV, etc.)

The interface of Easy Subtitles Synchronizer is divided in three panels: one for previewing the movie, another one for viewing and editing subtitles, and the third one for accessing the application’s options.

This makes Easy Subtitles Synchronizer easy to use for any beginner who has little experience with editing programs.

The video preview tab using VLC or Windows Media Player includes various playback options, such as play, pause, stop, back and forward, and a volume bar. For each subtitle multiple details are displayed: index, lines, begin and end time, duration gaps, errors and out of video duration.

Other important features offered by Easy Subtitles Synchronizer are intelligent search for a video file when the subtitle is loaded and the other way around, intelligent guesses for subtitle filename while saving the subtitle file, renaming subtitles to a name similar to the video file’s name, and synchronization by changing frame rate.

Furthermore, you can create or insert new subtitles, delete existing ones, synchronize subtitles using various options and extending their duration. Other editing options available are splitting subtitle files, merging subtitles, removing special characters and fixing overlapping subtitles or subtitles with a small duration.

Easy Subtitles Synchronizer offers incredibly diverse yet easy to use features and its editing options are dedicated to average users looking for a handy method of editing and repairing subtitles. There is almost no editing option that your average user won’t be able to use with the Easy Subtitles Synchronizer.
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