DVD Shrink

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DVD Shrink is a utility for backing up DVD disks. It compresses DVDs to about 2.5 GB and you can use the output as you wish: save it on your computer or burn it to a disk.

DVD Shrink is suitable for all users, including beginners, as it is easy to install and its interface is intuitive and user-friendly.

After compressing the DVD, you can burn the image directly to a disc, to save storage space, and you can preview the output during compression.

You can either include or omit subtitles.

You don’t necessarily have to compress the DVD; you can burn the files or parts of them on other discs just as well.

DVD Shrink offers you complete options for compressing and burning DVDs by using in exchange very little of your system resources.
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DVD Shrink
on 11 February 2008
This is very good
DVD Shrink
on 25 July 2006
DVD Shrink works with Nero so it can Encode the dvd and automatically burn with the right option you choose. There are some new movies out has well that is unable to backup with DVD Shrink by itself so I found that the newest version of ANYDVD by Slysoft is great to remove the copyright.
DVD Shrink
on 21 July 2006
DVD Shrink is excellent, but, for arCoos encrypted movies, if you don't want to spend the $39.95USD for ANYDVD, I would strongly suggest looking at DVDFabExpress. It's an older version, but, effective at defeating arCoos protected movies for back up.

DVDFab Decrypter

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