Dr. Divx Calculator 1.5

Dr. Divx Calculator helps you store data efficiently by calculating the bitrate of your video files.
This program automatically detects the DVD drive, the movie duration and resolution and the screen resolution.

Dr. Divx Calculator has not been updated anymore since 2005, but you can improve its functionality by replacing its old LAME engine.

You can download the last version of the LAME MP3 Encoder, unzip it and replace the lame_enc.dll file from the utility’s folder with the new file.

Among other features, Dr. Divx Calculator can convert WAV to MP3 and normalize. Otherwise, the main options provided by this application are: calculating the bitrate for video files, finding the PAL and NTSC frame rate and AVI file size, adjusting DVD resolution and modifying screen size and AVI screen size in order to change the final result. The automatic search option uses criteria such as DVD drive, movie duration, and movie and screen resolution.

The last version of Dr. Divx Calculator, 1.5, was improved with automatic finding, displaying movie information (compression, TV system, display mode, aspect ratio, etc.), converting WAV to MP3 and normalizing, new profile options (bidirectional encoding and resize filter: bilinear, bicubic soft, bicubic neutral and bicubic sharp). Moreover, Dr. Divx Calculator 1.5 supports custom audio files and had various bugs fixed.

Dr. Divx Calculator is a dependable help when it comes to calculating the bitrate of video files so you find out exactly what kind of disc is suitable for storing data. This utility helps you estimate movie duration and the number of CD copies you will need to use, while preserving a high quality level.
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