DivX Web Player 3.8.6

2.5 from 2 Reviews

DivX Plus Web Player is allowing you to view DivX and MKV (DivX Plus HD) videos in your browser.

Enjoy MKV videos online, as well as multiple audio tracks, subtitles, starting playback during the downloading process and streaming.

DivX Web Player focuses on DivX and DivX Plus formats (DIVX, AVI and MKV), but it doesn’t leave aside MP4 and MOV videos either.

These formats are rendered at the highest quality, embedded in your web browser.

HD videos are not a problem for this application, either. DivX Web Player is able to offer you HD videos with surround sound. Dealing with complex HD formats doesn’t mean that your computer will slow down.

DivX Web Player doesn’t overload the CPU, but it relies on the graphics card instead due to the incorporated DXVA (DirectX Video Acceleration).

Many players take pride in rendering high-quality videos, but, apart from that, DivX Web Player puts emphasis on audio experience, too.

Thus, the application offers support for videos which contain 5.1 channel surround sound with AAC video. Viewing content online should never mean low sound quality.

Furthermore, DivX Web Player helps you publish video formats on your website, while ensuring multiple audio tracks and subtitles as well.

DivX Web Player is aimed at offering support for the latest web technologies, such as HTML5. You can embed the player discreetly and easily using a video tag; you will be provided with a solution for your fragmented video space.

DivX Web Player takes online playback to a whole new level and it ensures high quality of image and videos and subtitle rendering no matter what movie you want to watch. The application support a wide range of formats and it offers varied options, while using a small amount of your computer’s resources.

- DivX Web Player installer is bundled with ads! You may continue the installation process without installing them.
Reviews & Comments
DivX Web Player 3.1.1
on 27 March 2014
Chrome reports when downloading a malicious file!
DivX Web Player 1.4.0 final
on 13 March 2008
Lovely web player. Would be a definite 5 stars except that the 1.4 version doesn't work with password protected directories using htaccess so I have to tell my users to uninstall it and use version 1.3.1 instead - hopefully this will be fixed soon!