DirectShow Filter Manager 0.5

DirectShow Filter Manager is a small-sized utility tool which allows you to manage DirectShow filters: list, sort, find, add or remove.

It is recommended to use this application if you have installed a codec pack, like X Codec Pack.

Even if it has not been updated since 2005, DirectShow Filter Manager remains a reliable application for organizing DirectShow filters, doing what it promises: viewing, adding and removing filters.

One of its main advantages is portability. It doesn’t make any modifications in the Windows registry and it can be stored on an USB Flash drive and just run when you need it.

After launching, DirectShow Filter Manager scans your computer and displays a list of the DirectShow filters it has found. For each filter, you can see the properties, version, type, usage and merit. New merits can be set up and you can copy information such as decoding resolution to the Clipboard.

DirectShow Filter Manager offers support for filters with the AX, DLL and EXE file format. It also lists BDA files, WDM streaming mixer devices, video compressors, external renderers and video capture sources.

Why do you need this application? DirectShow Filter Manager comes in handy when you install various codec packs on your computer and you want to avoid conflicts between them.

Due to the built-in scanning capability, you can easily detect the codecs already installed on your computer and organize them properly.

With DirectShow Filter Manager, it is incredibly easy to manage your DirectShow filters so you rule out any incompatibility issue.

View, remove or add filters in a jiffy and ensure that you can play your media contents free of any trouble.
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