dBpoweramp Music Converter 2024-05-30

4.17 from 6 Reviews

dBpoweramp allows you to change the formats of your audio files.

Aside from converting music, this application comes with a variety of helpful features such as ripping and applying effects.

dBpoweramp supports a very wide variety of audio formats and there is almost no file extension you might think of that the converter doesn’t handle.

Some of the most popular file formats that the dBpoweramp works with are MP3, MP4, M4A, OGG, WMA, APE, AAC, FLAC and ALAC.

This utility contains three parts: a music converter, a batch converter and a CD ripper.
By installing the dBpowerAMP Music Converter, you will actually get three applications instead of one.

When you work with the music converter, you need to select the track you want to encode, choose settings, add effects if you want to and eventually start converting.

The batch converter functions similarly; you use treeview and select the files you want to convert. It is possible to select folders and convert all the files contained by them, including those found in subfolders.

The CD ripper, as its name suggests, is nothing more but an application enabling you to extract audio tracks from CDs.

Besides installing the three components of dBpoweramp, you can optionally deploy other software to your computer, too, that can make the converter offer more features: additional codecs for all the audio formats you are interested in, DSP effects and the Reference Codec Pack Release.

Some additional interesting features that recommend the dBpoweramp are the ID3 tag preservation, the volume normalization and converting a file by doing a right click and selecting “Convert To”.

The dBpoweramp is a complete solution for fast and advanced audio files conversion.

Changes to dBpoweramp 2024-05-01:

- CD Ripper: we have restored freedb.dbpoweramp.com as a replacement for gnudb (which took-over from freedb.org)
- Tag Editor: pressing enter when editing a tag value will accept changes, pressing enter again will close tag editor page
- Replaygain DSP detects when encoding lossy, will calculate RG values by decoding the lossy encoded file after encoded
- Bug Fix: CD Ripper: if a track required re-ripping of bad frames, then AccurateRip cross checking of pressings for that one track would fail
- CD Ripper: log is now in order of tracks

Full list of changes.
Reviews & Comments
dBpoweramp 17.2
on 10 December 2020
I upgraded to dB's latest software (Version 17) and it couldn't read the first 2 discs I was ripping for my music server, and they weren't obscure discs.

It looks like it dumped AppleMusic as a metadata provider (or vise versa).

The ripping processes has also slowed down.

My advise is don't waste your money on the downgrade from v.16 to v.17
dBpoweramp 16.6
on 11 January 2019
The developer(sthingy) is focused on Apple software for now.
dBpowerAMP Music Converter 14.3
on 07 September 2012
dBpowerAMP Music Converter 14.3 is solid and works great. The developer is saying this will be the last release of version 14. Beta testing for version 15 will come around christmas.