CUE Splitter 2.0.8

2.86 from 7 Reviews

CUE Splitter is a simple and straightforward application for splitting files in the CUE format while enjoying a wide variety of options.

You will find it helpful especially when you have a big audio file, like an album, and you want to divide it into individual tracks.

CUE Splitter works with the following formats: MP3, FLAC, WAV, WMA, OGG, APE etc.

These formats can be equipped with a CUE text which contains information about the tracks (length, artist, titles and so on).

CUE Splitter allows you to obtain splitted audio tracks without needing to encode or decode data. You also have the possibility to create an M3U playlist file.

In order to import audio contents, you can use both the file browser and the “drag and drop” method. Furthermore, you can use batch processing to save time and effort.

You have some editing options available, too, such as changing information regarding genre, year, and comments. You can also make a few rapid changes regarding case, gaps and spaces.

Spaces can be converted to underscore; you can switch between upper case, lower case and sentence case and you can invert gaps. All these operations don’t need to be performed manually anymore.

Other features you’ll find interesting are auto-detection of hidden tracks and sub-indexes, complete support for Unicode, UTF8 and ANSI encodings, choosing only desired tracks for extraction, handling any number of custom "file mask" strings as needed directly from the user-interface, automatically generating a new CUE sheet file at the end of split process and many others.

CUE Splitter is a toolkit worth trying, for many reasons: it is lightweight, it needs a low amount of system resources, it eases your work a lot due to its diverse tools and it surprises you all the time with some extra option you didn’t know about.

- Check this online CUE Splitter Tutorial (User Manual) - published by developer, mainly for CUE Splitter 1.2.
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CUE Splitter 2.0.8
f**k u
on 14 October 2023
cue splitter 208 not usable bec dead link - please remove your site from web.

Admin's Note: the link works fine. try again ;)
CUE Splitter 1.2
Frank Underwood
on 15 April 2015
This tool performed the task of splitting a large audio file using its cue sheet flawlessly.

Wonderfully pleasant user experience, two thumbs up, and the bees knees!
CUE Splitter 1.2 final
on 04 April 2014
under windows 8.1 pro k system, cue splitter 1.2 final not extracting....