Codec Tweak Tool 6.6.8

Updated: 25 Nov 2022

4.7 from 10 Reviews

Codec Tweak Tool scans your computer for broken codecs and filters and it allows you to remove them.
What Codec Tweak Tool actually does is scanning the registry in order to detect broken references to codecs and filters, generating a detailed list of all the codecs and filters installed on your system, and enabling or disabling more than 200 codecs.

Codec Tweak Tool has a minimal interface, but its utility is undeniable, when you are dealing with some codec pack that is not working.

With a size of less than 1 MB, this tiny application not only finds and removes broken codecs or filters; it clears the Windows icon cache, it re-registers base DirectShow filters, it backs up or restores setting and it repairs broken thumbnail settings.

Broken thumbnail repairing is possible, regardless of the video formats on your computer, from AVI to MKV and from MPEG to WMV.

Codec Tweak Tool does complicated things fast so you don’t have to deal with them.

It resets settings to recommended values for the most popular DirectShow filters and codecs; it configures audio output settings; it replaces your current settings with those from a previous backup; it configures your chosen DirectShow splitters for the most common file extensions and the list does not end here.

The application can be installed independently or as part of the K-Lite Codec Pack.

Codec Tweak Tool is a fast and effective solution in case you are experimenting some playing errors on your computer, such as sound loss or not being able to render a certain media file format.

You don’t need to get lost in the thicket of codecs and filters or re-install them all; just run Codec Tweak Tool and it will bring the order you need to properly watch your favorite movies.
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4.7 from 10 Reviews


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