BitComet is a powerful, super-fast and easy-to-use BitTorrent download client.
BitComet is a free BitTorrent/HTTP/FTP download client and supports many modern bittorrent protocol, e.g. Magnet Link, HTTP Seeding, DHT network, UDP tracker Protocol v2.

BitComet tries to improve the performance by using the unique Long-Term Seeding Technology. This technology can find more seeds to help finish your downloads.

With BitComet it is possible to preview the video during downloading process, because it will try to download the header and the tail of the file.

Changes to BitComet 2.03 Final:

- GUI Improve: The right-click context menu when selecting multiple tasks can set the task speed limit in batches
- GUI Improve: Added option: When updating the tracker list from a URL, merge or replace the original tracker list
- GUI Improve: New option to move all files in the directory when move a task to new folder
- GUI Improve: After you click to enlarge the task screenshot, you can toggle whether it is displayed in full screen
- GUI Improve: The Global Options window automatically remembers the window size
- GUI Improve: Adds the option to not prompt again for the dialog of moving task download files to the directory associated with the tag displayed when adding a tag to a task
- GUI Improve: Improved peer list freeze status prompt
- GUI Bugfix: After setting tag for tasks, there is a problem refreshing the list of tags in the toolbar and left pane
- GUI Bugfix: When "Tray Balloon" is not enabled, the task completion message in the notification list is empty
- GUI Bugfix: When BT task seeding, the peer list does not display the user's upload speed
- GUI Bugfix: Individual translation errors
- Core Bugfix: When move a task folder, undownloaded tasks cannot be moved to a different directory with the same drive letter
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