BigFix is a very helpful kit which helps you solve problems related to audio or video filters and codecs.

It comes with automated options for correcting the most common issues, especially those related to DivX Pro and Dr DivX.

Some of the fixes that BigFix can make are eliminating green video, fixing videos that stop playing after a short period, solving WMP crashes, downgrading from DivX Pro 5.1, repairing corrupt videos, echoing or reverberating sound in Dr DivX, solving reduced DV resolution when encoding to DivX and crashing and unexpected stops in Dr DivX.

Additionally, BigFix helps with errors in the registry or INI files and it solves the problem whenever the DivX encoder is not appearing on the list of compressors.

BigFix has not been updated anymore in many years, and its developers affirm that one uses this software entirely at their risk (bugs and missing items are not uncommon).

BigFix does not have a graphical user interface, and you can only select the options you are interested in when the executable is installed. You will be asked to enables or disable a variety of elements, such as XP AVI Properties Handler, or to remove the G400, the Bicubic Resize, the DivX Anti-freeze or the DivX filters.

Another option you can activate is the FFDShow codec handling DivX files; you can do the same for the 3viX decoder.

The fixes performed by this utility can reconfigure, disable or remove third-party software in case it interferes with the normal use of the DivX decoder, DivX Pro and Dr DivX; it may also diagnose certain aspects of your system configuration.

BigFix applies all the checked fixes instantly and it provides its users with a wide range of options for correcting the most common playback errors.
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