With AviSubDetector you can detect and extract hard-burned subtitles from multiple video sources such as AVI and AviSynth files.
AviSubDetector is portable, which means you don’t have to install it to your computer and modify the Windows registry.

You can store the executable file on your local disc or any memory device and run it whenever you need to extract subtitles.

The input file type supported by AviSubDetector is AVI, and the output is represented by the SRT, SSA and SAMI subtitle formats. The application is compatible with Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

The program has a simple and modern interface even it has not been updated anymore since 2006. You can import files to AviSubDetector either by using the file browser or by relying on the drag and drop feature.

There are three different ways of extracting subtitles: manually, automatically or using the OCR mode. OCR settings and the RGB can be adjusted, and you can also use the cropping option.

The last version of AviSubDetector was improved by fixing a number or bugs, such as glitches caused by access violations.

The subtitle extractor is very compact, works fast and does not need too many system resources to do its job. The overall performance of the computer is not affected when you use AviSubDetector.

AviSubDetector could have been improved on the graphical interface part, which is not very intuitive, but the application has not been updated anymore for several years.

Nevertheless, AviSubDetector can still be used to extract subtitles from AVI files, as long as the AVI format you are working with is still supported by this application.
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