AVI Frame Rate Changer 2012

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AVI Frame Rate Changer, as its name suggests, helps you change the frame rate of an AVI file. This is possible without re-rendering the AVI data.

Changing frame rates is the only feature of this compact and easy to use program.

The rate can be changed from 1,000 to 60,000.

This feature is necessary when you work with various video files with different frame rates and you need them to have the same frame rate to process them in specialized applications.

The developers of this application mention that the AVI Frame Rate Changer may not work well with certain AVI files and recommend keeping a backup copy of the modified file.

This converter does not keep the original file but it replaces it with the new one.

This small-sized portable application is exactly what you need if you are interested in altering the frame rate of your AVI file.
Reviews & Comments
AVI Frame Rate Changer 1.10
Scott Olewiler
on 13 November 2013
worked perfectly - you can enter any frame rate you want, click APPLY, and the result is instant.

If you have a movie where the video lags more and more behind the audio as the movie progresses, or the opposite, then this is the perfect tool to fix your movie in a second.
AVI Frame Rate Changer 1.10
Jeffory glsank
on 14 June 2011
Amazing , Just what I needed.
Audio sync , change frame rate, without encoding.

I have lots of downloaded videos that wont play properly in media players.
The audio is out of sync.

The issue is the avi files report a VIDEO framerate of 25.062fps when it should be 25fps.

This tool is great. It does what it says it does.
Changes the framerate of video in a file.
AVI Frame Rate Changer 1.10
on 11 November 2010
Fantastic and simple solution to annoying problem!
Thank you very much!