Audials 2024.1.25.0

Audials One 2024 is a powerful multimedia software suite for capturing, recording, and organizing music and video content from various sources, including streaming services, internet radio and video platforms.

Audials One can record streaming content from music streaming services, internet radio, and video platforms. This includes capturing music tracks, albums, and playlists from services like Spotify, Apple Music, and video content from platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Audials One offers the ability to convert audio and video files into various formats, making them compatible with different devices or suitable for editing.

What's New in Audials One 2024 :

Using streaming service websites directly in Audials
This groundbreaking feature embeds music streaming websites directly into the Audials software, without a separate window, so you can search for music more comfortably and record it. All providers such as Spotify, Deezer, or Amazon Music, etc. can now be recorded more easily in Audials 2024 without installation. This protects your privacy and your streaming recordings are not tracked by the provider.

Music management redefined: Ideal layout for ultimate music enjoyment
Audials 2024 offers a completely new perspective that focuses on the essentials - your content. With the new Audials, everything is simpler, more logical, and adapts flexibly to any window size. Whether it's your personal music collection on mobile devices or the countless music tracks that can be downloaded to Audials with just one click, you have instant access to everything that matters to you.

High-precision radio recording
The improved recording offers a higher cutting quality and finds the matching lyrics, cover images and song descriptions more reliably than ever before, so you can enjoy your favorite radio shows and music pieces in the best possible sound quality, no matter if it's live shows, concerts or music pieces.

Record excellent videos
The encoding engine, the heart of your video creation, has been completely revised to give you an unprecedented experience. Simply magical! You will be able to easily record fascinating videos in unprecedented quality from even more streaming services. The combination of precision and ease will amaze you as you bring your masterpieces to life in your desired format.

Improving videos with the power of artificial intelligence
Transform blurry footage into crystal-clear masterpieces. Increase the frame rate for smoother playback. Reanimate old videos, improve colors and details. Our advanced AI technology gives moments a never-before-seen level of brilliance. Make the most of your film and media collection - razor-sharp and stunningly beautiful!

Comprehensive display for an impressive experience
With Audials 2024, the media display in the user interface has been redesigned. The tabs and side columns have been arranged so that you always have everything in view and can find it immediately.
Your media - whether music, videos, movies, or series - are displayed more clearly and are more in focus!
Full list of changes in Audials One 2024.
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