Adobe AIR

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Adobe AIR combines HTML, JavaScript, Adobe Flash and Flex technologies to create applications for every device, from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers and TVs.

This piece of software is a complex application for creating RIA (Internet Rich Applications), regardless of the operating system you are using.

It is promoted as a browser-less runtime, which needs access to local storage.

What this application actually does is to take the code written in HTML, Flash and other languages and put it into one single installer, for a simple installing procedure, keeping in mind the convenience of the users.

The products you will obtain by using Adobe AIR will be at the highest, unrivalled level. Incredible animations, 2D and 3D GPU accelerated graphics, full protection due to an approved DRM algorithm, the LZMA and text compression, all make Adobe AIR a very reliable runtime for developing high-performance applications.

Safety is one of the main concerns for the Adobe AIR developers. Safe installations are ensured since Adobe AIR requires digital signatures on each AIR application in order to identify the application and its creator before installing.

More than offering you the possibility of using various programming languages in one piece of software, Adobe AIR is once more user-oriented as it functions like a desktop application; you can run the applications built for Adobe AIR on your computer without using a browser.

All in all, Adobe AIR is a complete and extensive solution for those who want to build up-to-date and impressive applications for various devices.

This virtual item packs the latest technology and puts it at your disposal, so you unleash your creativity and get the most amazing results.

In 2020, HARMAN took over the development of Adobe AIR and have been providing updated functionality and support for the AIR developer community. With a large number of popular games being developed using AIR, as well as a range of business and multimedia applications, AIR continues to be a popular framework to develop for desktop and mobile apps.
Reviews & Comments
Adobe AIR 31.0.96
Nana Fred Gyansie
on 13 September 2018
Adobe Media Player is the best.
Adobe Media Player 1.8
on 19 May 2011
The player in direct link, or official mirror, is a version 1.7 of itself. I have the Creative Suite CS5 and it really contain the version 1.8 of player (Build 600929):http://www.4shared .com/file/K1If5YJL/adobe_media_player.html.

The player was descontinued, and would be good to have a copy of the latest version, for it is considered an good or best player, same in low definition videos quality. Support the following formats: MOV, MP4, MP4V, M4V, 3GP, 3GPP2, 3G2, F4V, FLV, and SWF natively. The performance is variable, depending of the processor.

Adobe makes their programs based in processor Intel (I can run this it program in one AMD Athlon XP, same being an CS5 integrant program - based in Intel SSE2 instruction). The version in this site is the 1.7, and it not enter in this notice. Read more in wikipedia.
Adobe Media Player 1.7
on 09 December 2009
its so slow and useless.... adobe air - jesus christ! ;/