Nero MPEG-4 filter 0.0.3

Updated: 22 Sep 2004

Nero MPEG-4 filter is a CoolEdit / Adobe Audition plugin that uses the Nero AAC plugin to enable AAC encoding and decoding in these programs.

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Microsoft MPEG-4 V1/2/3 VKI Codec: ASF / MP42 Microsoft High-Speed MPEG-4 V1/2/3 Codec.

MPEG-4v3 Codec Fix: solves problems with AVI files encoded using MPEG-4v3.

MPEG4 Modifier: modifies a MPEG4 video (XviD, DivX) without re-encoding...

Nero WMA Plugin: will install WMA support (decoding) within Nero, Nero Express, and NeroMIX.


Nero MPEG-4 filter 0.0.3
on 06 October 2008, reviewed by: James

This is for adobe audition/cool edit pro, paste in c:/program files/adobe/audition and you will be able ...


Nero MPEG-4 filter 0.0.3
on 20 September 2008, reviewed by: john

no install instructions. Tried each Nero directory including the ones in Common files. Not recognied or installed. Thanks for the ...

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