YAMB beta 2

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YAMB is a powerful utility enabling you to create, split and merge 3GP and MP4 files containing various audio and video streams, chapters, and subtitles.

YAMB stands for Yet Another MP4Box UI, and it is a new graphical interface for MP4Box, an application from the GPAC Framework.

The MP4Box multiplexer normally features a command-line interface, which is not very friendly for average Windows users.

YAMB solves this inconvenience by providing a simple, intuitive graphical interface which anyone can handle.

YAMB is able to edit complex MP4 and 3GP files which contain a variety of video streams (M4V, CMP, H264, 264, H263, 263, MPG, AVI, MPEG, VOB, OGG, MP4, 3GP and QCP.

The audio streams supported by YAMB include AAC, AWB, AMR, MP3, MSV, EVC, OGG and others.

OGM or GPAC chapters from text format and subtitles with SRT, TTXT, SUB and XML as input formats are accepted as well.

Besides offering complete Unicode support, YAMB enables you to extract streams and to retrieve information about them. Additional settings include track names, pixels, language, aspect ratio, etc.

YAMB’s main window is split in two parts: Creation (where you can combine multiple tracks) and Editing (where splitting, joining and conversion options are available). Videos can be split by indicating the size of the output or the duration of the clip.

A limitation of this program is you cannot preview the file in order to specify the time interval you would like to extract.

The last version of YAMB was improved with Windows 7 support, better internal files detection, superior MKVExtract detection, fixed Mastroska tasks conversion and better AC3-in-MP4 files creation.
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on 15 September 2008
Completely failed at joining my .3gp files. I tried to join three, ordered them in the program, and the result put them out of order and with the wrong audio playing.