Windows Media Format 11 Runtime

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Windows Media Format 11 Runtime is a piece of software which allows you to encode and to decode WMA, WMV and WM files without needing to install Windows Media Player 11.

This means you can use older operating systems that can’t support the newest media players.

If you still use XP, 2000 or 2003, you can still update your media experience thanks to Windows Media Format 11 Runtime.

It will play your Windows Media files without you needing to install a third-party codec and it fits perfectly into your system, without causing errors or compromising performance.

Just make sure you have Windows XP Service Pack 2 as well and with the help of Windows Media Format 11 Runtime, you will enjoy your media contents fast and easy.
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Windows Media Format 11 Runtime
on 26 July 2011
why does so many downloads end unsuccessful, and why is it more of an inconvenience to download your program then it is helpful?

Admin's reply:

1. It isn't our software.
2. You're downloading it from Microsoft's server. Try to use a download manager and read the instructions from "HOW TO DOWNLOAD" box.
Windows Media Format 11 Runtime
on 13 July 2011
It is not working.......:(
Windows 7 32bit
Windows Media Format 11 Runtime
Vieze Man
on 07 June 2011
You'd better teach how to retrieve the windows media format runtime from the media player packages designed for any specific platform. That'll probably give a lot less errors.

Just download the media player package for your specific OS version and unpack it. One of the files is the wmfdist11.exe file which you are after. Unpacking is done with Total Commander (Alt+F9, unpack specific file), or any other utility capable of unpacking .exe files.