WatchHDTV 1.96.1

Updated: 18 Sep 2008

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WatchHDTV is a free tool for watching live HDTV, timeshifting and recording.
This suite includes three different tools: WatchHDTV, Watch HDTV Play, and Watch HDTV Scheduler.

Watch HDTV is the main program in the pack, which enables you to view and record HDTV. With WatchHDTV Play, you can render any records obtained with WatchHDTV.

WatchHDTV Scheduler is a silent recorder for WatchHDTV, and there are also several plugins, available for ATI HDTV Wonder users. Silent recording means you can record a program without having to view it.

WatchHDTV offers great performance by using a low amount of resources. The application supports Full HD (1080i/720p) and AC3 (Dolby Digital 5.1) recording, but its size is very compact and its CPU usage is minimal.

The RAM usage is low too, and WatchHDTV uses less RAM than other similar applications (20 MB compared to 50-100 MB needed by other HDTV programs). Furthermore, WatchHDTV is a better choice than other applications of its kind due to its stability and reliability.

Some of the features you can enjoy by installing WatchHDTV to your computer are timeshifting, recording, silent recording, multiple tuner support, and a scheduler.

Timeshifting options include timeshift, pausing and replaying live HDTV, and changing channels when timeshifting to another channel without disrupting the current one. You can record any channel, schedule live recordings and perform silent recording (no visible program running and using less than 10% CPU).

The multiple tuner support includes creating separate folders for each tuner, and recording either live or silent with any of the available tuners. Scheduling options include watching live, recording live, timeshifting and silent recording.

WatchHDTV is a complete HDTV recording solution, which will allow you to record multiple videos at the same time, without having to actually watch them or make sure you start recording at the right hour due to its useful scheduling features.
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1 from 1 Reviews


WatchHDTV 1.96
on 04 November 2011 , reviewed by:

does nothing, only plays existing media, i was looking for something that would play tv using my usb tv card, ...

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