VideoInspector 2.15

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VideoInspector offers extensive and accurate information about your video files. The formats supported by this application are AVI, MOV, MPEG and MKV.

One of the main reasons why you need information about your videos is finding out why your videos don’t play correctly.

VideoInspector tells you what codec you need to use to render certain media files.

VideoInspector’s features include:

listing installed audio and video codecs, a FourCC changer, bitrate grapher, codec requirements automatic detection, analyzing multiple files at the same time, exporting to CSV and HTML, file integrity check, and automatic content based container detection.

Required codecs can be downloaded from online databases using the application.

Moreover, VideoInspector focuses on other aspects besides codecs: providing video file information (duration and streams), calculating video quality factor, showing video and audio stream information (resolution, frames per seconds, bitrate, sample rate, number of channels etc.)

You won’t need to access tags anymore if you use this utility; all the information you need is at hand.

If you have CopyToDVD installed to your computer, you can also burn CDs and DVDs using the VideoInspector.

It has an intuitive, modern interface, which supports the drag and drop functionality, so you can easily import files without following the path using a file browser. The amount of system resources the program uses is low and the compact design is one more reason why VideoInspector does not affect the performance of your computer.

VideoInspector is suitable for all categories of users, including beginners, and offers you the possibility of finding out important information about your video files. By using this application, you know for sure what codec you need and you are one step closer to playing your movies correctly.
Reviews & Comments
VideoInspector 2.3
Jay T
on 07 March 2012
Garbageware, tries to install a bunch of toolbars and sponsor programs. Even if you're very careful unchecking and not agreeing to their barrage of extra garbage it still installs a program called RelevantKnowledge.

Grab MediaInfo instead. Stay away from this garbage.
VideoInspector 2.3
Nomen Nescio
on 21 January 2012
VideoInspector does not work, it seems to be a kind of spy-software!
VideoInspector 2.2.6
on 10 November 2010
My Antivirus reported "Multiple Threats" after the download finished. Should've read the reviews first.