Video2Photo 1.0

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Video2Photo is a handy tool for capturing images from a video source, such as a webcam, a camcorder or any video file (AVI, QuickTime, MPEG or DivX).

This lightweight utility allows you to select the frames or sections you want to extract from your video and also to process the resulting photos: cropping, color corrections, effects, and so on.

The input supported by Video2Photo includes: single frames from digital or analog camcorder or webcam, single frames or a sequence of frames from video files, and single frames from Internet Video streams (experimental).

The output produced by Video2Photo includes: uncompressed BMP or compressed JPEG files, SWF (Macromedia Shockwave files), HTML web galleries and Windows AVI compatible with Windows Codecs (DivX, XviD, Indeo, MPEG-4, Cinepak, etc.) The JPEG compression level can be adjusted and, furthermore, you can use separators when naming files and adjust the frame rate and the frames per slide when creating SWF or AVI files.

The application needs a rather high amount of system resources, but it finishes tasks quickly and error free.

The image quality it produces is satisfying and you get an accurate shot even if the subject is in motion. You don’t need to save images to your computer immediately; Video2Photo allows you to mark your favorite frames and you can save them later to the disc.

Video2Photo’s developers recommend the software for private and academic purposes; Video2Photo must not be used for commercial purposes.

No matter for what reason you need this application (saving a picture from your favorite movie or extracting images for academic purposes), Video2Photo offers a fast and simple solution for capturing individual frames or sections.

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Video2Photo 1.0
on 19 September 2005
Software puts a watermark on the bottom of the photo. Registration is no longer free. Don't waste your time downloading.