trakAxPC 5.1

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trakAxPC is a user-friendly multimedia creation tool which enables you to obtain professional music and video mixes.

Some of the operations you can perform with trakAxPC are creating music tracks or videos you can post on YouTube.

Usually, music and video creation software is expensive and difficult to use, but things are totally different with trakAxPC.

In spite of its many included options, trakAxPC offers a clean and easy to understand interface that will help you get the job done in no time.

First of all, with trakAxPC it’s very simple to find and preview your music, photos and videos. The embedded media browser allows you to easily locate your multimedia contents.

Microphone and webcam input are supported, since they are critical tools for multimedia creation. You can create your own podcasts of videocasts and add effects to your voice or sing over tracks. trakAxPC offers a wide range of video, photo and audio effects and transitions that will make your multimedia files to look really professional.

Furthermore, you can edit your files by cutting samples and making detailed adjustments to audio tracks and video clips. trakAxPC supports photos, music and video at the same time and it allows you to combine them as you wish.

The icing on the cake can be considered the beat-matching technology, which allows users to mix any tracks and loops, even if they have different BPMs. The results will always sound and look professional, and the creation process is so much fun!

All in all, trakAxPC is an excellent tool for editing and mixing multimedia contents in Windows. Anyone can try this utility, even if their experience with computers is limited.
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trakAxPC 3.01.1
on 15 July 2012
Excellent, No.1 Video Editing tool for windows xp, all in 1, lite, fast....