The Core Pocket Media Player 0.72 rc1

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The Core Pocket Media Player (TCPMP) is a licensed media player which can be used with PocketPC, Palm, Symbian, Windows and various smartphones.

The application has not been developed anymore since 2006 and it may not be supported by today’s mobile devices anymore.

Nevertheless, it may still be useful on older devices and its diverse features are still impressive.

With this media player, you can watch movies, listen to music, browse photos and perform many other multimedia-related activities.

TCPMP is portable, which means you don’t have to install it. Just unpack the archive and enjoy The Core Pocket Media Player’s features!

A major advantage of TCPMP is supporting playlists. You can gather your favorite multimedia items and create lists to play on your mobile device. Playback options are quite generous, too: playback speed, zoom, aspect ratio, orientation and many others.

Some video settings you can alter are output quality, smooth zoom, video driver choice, stereo and mono types, audio driver, and increasing or decreasing preamplification.

The application is equipped with some built-in codecs such as mpeg4 video, mp3, vorbis and it can also support third-party plugins like AAC.

The last version of The Core Pocket Media Player was improved with additions such as a general equalizer, NSV container support, AIFF uncompressed audio file support, suppressing cover art decoding messages and an asap plugin (

In spite of its discontinued status, TCPMP may still be useful for anyone using an older mobile device and looking for a reliable and simple application for listening to music or viewing photos.
Reviews & Comments
The Core Pocket Media Player 0.72 RC1
on 03 June 2008
But how does it handle playing real audio streams both standalone or real streams embedded in webpages through http etc.. ?

I have an N80 (Symbian S60 3rd Edition OS) and am contemplating using other media player than the onboard Real player which $uck$ big time. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
The Core Pocket Media Player 0.72 RC1
on 02 October 2007
The program works great with my Palm T/X--absolutely flawless! Wonderful video and audio quality with no problems.
The Core Pocket Media Player 0.72 RC1
on 08 June 2007
Excellent. Works on my treo 650, it's free and reads off SD card. Better than the installed software!