The Core Media Player 4.11

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The Core Media Player (TCMP) is a powerful multimedia player with lots of features and able to play virtually any audio or video format.

The application is based on the well-known PowerDivX NextGen multimedia player.

The Core Media Player is available in a free, standard version, and in a Premium, paid one, whose additional features are DVD playback and unlimited plugin support.

It even supports Winamp plugins, and its interface is similar to that of Winamp.

Unlike other basic media players, TCMP has skin support and allows you to choose between various theme colors.

Regarding options, TCMP offers you multiple features and customizing possibilities thanks to its comprehensive settings menu.

At the same time, the interface is kept simple, so even if you are a beginner, you will figure out how to use this media player. Once you get more used to it, you will begin to discover its advanced options, too.

Other important features of The Core Media Player are its powerful DirectShow-based core, playlists formats support (NPL, M3U, PLS, XML), skin support with real time Hue variation and Alpha blending, a console mode with Full command Line Interface, the possibility of setting your own hotkeys and an open architecture (any third-party developer can improve TCMP).

The supported formats are another important aspect in every media player. The Core Media Player can play almost any format you throw at it and additionally it has a Dynamic Range Control feature, DS based http streaming support and metadata support for various types of tags.

The Core Media Player is definitely worth trying; it is amazingly complex and smart for its small size, the installation process is fast and simple, and the interface, intuitive and user-friendly.
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The Core Media Player 4.11
on 08 April 2010
I prefer it over the new coreplayer pro. pro sounds too bright and amped. there is no full bass and treble setting and ive tried to set the EQ to similar coreplayer4 settings but it still puts the voice too bright and i can't hear the bass line properly. I play FLAC files BTW.
The Core Media Player 4.11
on 01 May 2008
dashing good. some interface oddness, but the super mutli format play makes up.
The Core Media Player 4.11
on 03 December 2007
Would be nice if there was a 150% speed choice--2x is too fast, but 1.5x is still understandable.