Subtitle Workshop Classic 6.2.12

4.83 from 6 Reviews

Subtitle Workshop is the ultimate tool for editing subtitles. It offers support for all formats and a wide range of editing options.

The interface of this application is very similar to that of a text editor, but its options are specially designed for a subtitle editing application.

For instance, you can preview the way the movie looks like with the modified subtitle.

Subtitle Workshop has an integrated video player which allows you to open any video, on condition that you have installed the codec you need.

Besides supporting more than 60 subtitle formats, Subtitle Workshop allows you to save subtitles in a custom-user defined file format.

If you have Microsoft Word installed to your computer, Subtitle Workshop will automatically perform spell check. Other errors can be detected, too, either manually or automatically, such as timing.

As a complete subtitle editing solution, Subtitle Workshop supports style and tags; this means you can apply the bold, italic and underline options to your subtitle or to color the text. Multiple tags can be supported in a single subtitle file.

Timing pauses (the time gap between two subtitles) can be easily displayed and manipulated and Subtitle Workshop uses a “Characters per Second” system.

Whenever you want to eliminate some changes you have made to a subtitle, you can use the multi-level Undo-Redo system.

Other impressive advanced features are the smart line adjusting, the FPS conversion, search and replace, the automatic timing and text manipulation and many others.

Changes to Subtitle Workshop 6.2.12 - Classic Edition:

* Solved a dark mode problem with the time-indicators next to the volumebar.
* Technical: the file 'SubtitleAPI.dll' is no longer needed (now incorporated in the main executable 'SubtitleWorkshop.exe').
* Solved a small problem in the 'Save As' and the 'Settings' window regarding the fontsize.
* Made the darkmode also work in the Time/CPU boxes in the subtitle list.

-- Full list of changes.

Subtitle Workshop is recommended to anyone looking to edit their subtitles in a professional manner. This application features almost any option you could think of when it comes to subtitle editing and its compact size makes it suitable for any computer.

- Subtitle Workshop 6.0 is based on Subtitle Workshop 2.51.
Reviews & Comments
Subtitle Workshop 6.01 rc1
on 05 April 2016
Excellent. I liked it very much. Thank you for this.
Subtitle Workshop 6.0a
on 25 November 2013
Super, Great..Thank You !!!!!
Subtitle Workshop 4.00 beta 4
on 28 January 2010
V.2.51: Otherwise excellent, but messes up tags like to include whole subtitle entry, not just a word or a line.