Speex Voice ACM Codec

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The Speex ACM wrapper enables you to use Speex voice compression codec in WAVE and AVI files on any 32-bit Windows version.

The developers of Speex Voice ACM Codec have tested it with Windows Sound Recoders, Real One Player, GoldWave and Windows Media Player 6.4 and 9.

11 quality modes are supported by the ACM codec and they correspond to 0-10 Speex quality settings. Both Mono and Stereo modes are supported.

The sampling rates used by the Speex Voice ACM Codec are 8, 16 and 32 kHz (narrowband, wideband, respectively ultawideband). The codec can achieve bitrates between 2.2 kBit/sec and 48.9 kbit/sec.

The Speex Voice ACM Codec has an intuitive, user-friendly interface and it can be easily set up. You can access the control panel using the Sound and Audio Devices Properties Control Panel.

The following steps should be made: opening the control panel via Settings menu, selecting the hardware tab, selecting audio codecs, clicking on the Properties button, selecting the Properties Tab, selecting Speex Voice Audio Codec, clicking on the Properties button and clicking the Settings Button.

Only constant bitrate modes were available and the codec has been optimized for optimal bit packing efficiency by minimizing padding loss between frames.

As a result, WAVE files are shorter compared to the default Ogg container format. speexdec_wav is included with this release; it is a command line decoder for Ogg Speex and Wave Speex files. Unlike speexdec, it also features support for the WAVE container.

Speex Voice ACM Codec is considered obsolete, since the Speex standard has been replaced by Opus. Those still working with Speex might enjoy certain benefits by using this codec, though.

Reviews & Comments
Speex Voice ACM Codec
on 06 October 2007
Same thing here, now I cannot play anything on windows media player nor on Real player. What went wrong and tell me how to fix it please. Thx
Speex Voice ACM Codec
on 05 March 2006
I downloaded & installed it by running "Setup.exe", everything seemed good. But when I checked the voice, nothing happened. I think the audio system went down.
So I found "UnInstallPath="Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\SpeexACM""
this line in "SpeexACM.inf", followed it in the regedit table, found the uninstall instruction and ran "rundll32" to uninstall. It seemed uninstallation worked well.
But after that still the voice didn't come up! Anyone can tell me what to do next?