Sony ATRAC3 Audio Codec 0.98

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Sony ATRAC3 Audio Codec is a compression tool developed by Sony for its portable audio players.

ATRAC3 has a compression rate two times bigger than ATRAC and it manages to prevent quality losses. At the same time, the size of audio files is reduced substantially.

ATRAC stands for “Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding” and the standard found on most Sony MiniDiscs now is ATRAC3.

This standard imposes higher quality, compared to MP3, and it requires less storage space than audio CDs.

This format is part of Sony’s compression technologies, which analyze audio data and use the latest innovations in order to reduce size.

Before enjoying the benefits of this conversion tool, you need to know a few things about the installation process.

You need to uncompress; right-click on atrac3.inf and select Install. Even if you are prompted that the software did not pass the Windows Logo testing, ignore this message and click on the “Continue Anyway” button.

The latest releases have an atrac3.exe file in the pack, which means installation becomes simpler. Now you are ready to compress music tracks!

Because the files are smaller you will transfer audio files to your portable device faster and enjoy music on the go immediately. In order to obtain amazing quality, you are advised to convert the tracks directly from the audio CD.

Furthermore, Sony ATRAC3 Audio Codec has a small size, of less than 200KB. It’s been more than a decade since its first version was released and there are thousands of satisfied users who continue to find it helpful. Sony ATRAC3 Audio Codec has the main assets of a good conversion tool: less storage space, same quality of sound.
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Sony ATRAC3 Audio Codec 0.98
PSP 101
on 22 February 2007
PSP uses mp3 files just download mp3's by online buying or piracy... ie limewire and connect psp to your pc and transfer using card reader to your memory stick pro duo or a firewire connection(cable connector) and listen to your music
Sony ATRAC3 Audio Codec 0.98
on 07 February 2007
I want a software whichs runable code is just in icon form like an icon which is possile to ask a user to enter a password.
Sony ATRAC3 Audio Codec 0.98
on 26 September 2006
Good quality format, can be compressed/decompressed with SoundForge. Since there is no software player, I'll use another format. Simply the best reason not to buy a SonyVAIO player. Cheers!