Screamer Radio 2.8884

4.33 from 6 Reviews

Screamer Radio is a Internet Radio player which gives you access to more than 4,000 radio stations from around the world.

Screamer Radio makes it possible for you to enjoy Internet radio, which, unlike its traditional alternative, provides a wider choice of music and fewer ads.

Moreover, Internet radio is easier to use and extremely convenient.

An application like Screamer Radio is better than playing radio streams into your average media player because you already have access to a long list of stations when opening the program and you have specific configuration options which improve your radio listening experience.

The main features of Screamer Radio are its easiness of use and its intuitive, clean interface; the large radio stations database; spyware and adware free; minimizing the application in the system tray; auto updating presets straight from the directory and playback on multiple soundcards.

Playback features include Shoutcast and Icecast MP3 streaming, Icecast OGG Vorbis Streaming, WMA streaming and AAC streaming.

With Screamer Radio you can also record your favorite music or radio shows using amazing features. For instance, you can start recording in the middle of the song and still get the entire song due to Screamer Radio’s recording buffer.

The application uses Direct MP3 and OGG Vorbis stream saving, which prevents quality losses. Additionally, you can encode WMA or AAC to MP3 by using LAME.

The radio stations database is well-organized, by genre, country and network. Once you find your preferred stations, save them in the favorites menu and enjoy them every time you want without browsing for certain radio stations every time.

Changes to Screamer Radio 2024-04-28:

- Fixed an issue where the wrong device was selected during startup which caused playback errors
- Fixed issue with restoring window position on alternate monitors
- Restored ability to follow playlist redirects from secure https to insecure http
- Resolved issue with redirect logic not handling relative redirects correctly
- Capped the maximum redirects Screamer Radio follows to 7 because the default in .NET is 50 which is a lot
- Improved connection cancellation, which should now often be instant when stop is pressed

In conclusion, Screamer Radio is a well-equipped and user-friendly application for listening to online radio that should be found on every computer. Its convenience of use and variety of radio stations will satisfy all tastes.
Reviews & Comments
Screamer Radio 1.6848 beta
on 06 October 2018
Screamer Radio 1.6848 beta is what i'm testing. Memory 52.7 MB CPU is bouncing between 0.0 - 0.3 %.
Screamer Radio 1.0.6167 beta
on 15 January 2017
4 star,are youz daft ? 5 stars everytime with screamer.Simply class !
Screamer Radio 0.9
on 25 May 2014
I give it one star for loading without crashing.

I cannot get any radio station to play.