save2pc light 4.3.6

3.67 from 3 Reviews

save2pc light helps you grab videos from different platforms and save them to your computer in various file formats.

The output formats provided by save2pc light are AVI, MPEG, and FLV.

AVI is the best choice for rendering videos in various media players, MPEG is suitable for DVD players, and FLV maintains the file format of the input source.

save2pc light is very easy to use: you just have to paste the URL into the application’s window and select the output format.

save2pc light detects automatically the video files and starts downloading it.

A new feature of this video downloader is accelerating the download speed. On the other hand, save2pc light can have some limitations as well. If the website doesn’t offer a format supported by the application, you cannot perform the download and you are provided with a suggestion on how you could save the file to your computer.

An advantage of save2pc light is the simple and intuitive interface. All features can be accessed from a single window; save2pc light is not too complex, after all. All it does is downloading videos in the desired file format.

save2pc light runs on the most common operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

save2pc has a low impact on computer performance and it uses little resources for a high download speed. It will be able to get your favorite media contents within the blink of an eye.
Reviews & Comments
save2pc (formerly YouTube Downloader) 3.28
on 28 May 2008
This is soo bloody helpful software. I have searched nearly the whole Internet look for a utility to download those sort of vids. WOW!
save2pc (formerly YouTube Downloader) 3.25
emilio ramirez
on 04 March 2008
es un mui buen programa lo recomiendo ya q es una alternativa de conseguir los mejores vide4os
save2pc (formerly YouTube Downloader) 3.21
on 06 December 2007
it was good till they made it not free so don't bother & download it's not free

better use realplayer 11 it can do the job & for free