RealPlayer Cloud 17.0

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RealPlayer Cloud is an application which allows you to transfer your media files on a Cloud storage space.

You can play, organize and share your audio and video contents with friends, and their quality will remain the same, regardless of the device used to play them.

RealPlayer Cloud offers support for Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, Web (including Internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox), and Roku.

The player is able to render the most popular formats, such as AVI, FLV, MKV and MP4.

It is no longer necessary to format or convert videos and other good news is getting 2 GB of space for free when you sign up.

The more devices you install the application to, the more storage space you get. You also have the possibility of paying for more storage space.

Compatibility and storage space are not the only assets of this virtual item. High-quality of the playback also means that videos are right-sized for any device you use.

Other features should not be overlooked, either, when considering this media player: choosing between more than 3000 radio stations, advanced sound and video controls, CD burning options, and playlist management.

As for RealPlayer Cloud’s interface, this application is intuitive and easy to use. Furthermore, it comes with an integrated web browser, which can be used only for videos or for full navigation. Save your favorite videos with the “Download this video” function and send them to your Cloud space fast and easy.

As a conclusion, RealPlayer Cloud is equipped with everything you need when it comes to playing, organizing and sharing media files.

Storing media contents on your Cloud space has become even more convenient and you have a wider variety of options when it comes to playback, editing, downloading and managing playlists.

- RealPlayer Cloud download link has been removed. There are better alternatives listed in media players category.
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RealPlayer Cloud 17.0.13
Steven Phan
on 06 October 2014
real player cloud is suck. whenever I download my video ,it is always said incomplete downloading..

it s really suck .it is not use to be like old an real player......
on 29 June 2013
Your thing blows, It wastes my damn time just trying to find the damn format needed to download. Im glad i didnt waste my money on this nutsty app.

I would just recommend going to www.keepvid .com and trying it out that way.
on 13 March 2013
Still the WORST PLAYER ever. Not convinced? Read the "important notes" above, it installs spyware, malware and monitors usage.

Poor support (if any) for any format other than realmedia (which nobody uses anyway)

Great alternatives: Daum┬┤s PotPlayer, VLC or Media Player Classic Home Cinema.