Real Alternative 2.0.2

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Real Alternative is enabling you to play RealMedia files without installing RealPlayer or RealOne Player. Keep using your usual media player and enjoy viewing RealMedia files as well.

The Real Alternative is considered a more reliable option than using the RealPlayer application, which bothered many users with its importunate behavior.

With this software, you can play those .rm or .ra files without advertising, registration forms and constant offers to buy a more capable version of the software.

With Real Alternative, you will be able to play the following formats: RealAudio (.ra and .rpm), RealMedia (.rm, .ram, .rmvb, .rpx, .smi, and .smil), RealPix (.rp). RealText (.rt), and the RealMedia embedded in webpages.

Furthermore, the RealMedia browser plugin ensures support for Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, Google Chrome and Mozilla.

Other features of the Real Alternative codec, apart from the Internet browser plugin, are the DirectShow splitter, the RealMedia Codecs and the Media Player Classic included.

This codec has some limitations, too. .smi and .smil files only play the first part of a video, when the clip is made of multiple parts.

These formats are not very common though, and, on the other hand, they play correctly when embedded in a browser, so this drawback is not so serious.

Another limitation is the fact that the RealMedia DirectShow splitter does not offer support for streaming content; you must use Media Player Classic instead.

In spite of its limitations, Real Alternative remains a good solution when it comes to playing Real Media files.

This application exempts you from the disadvantages of the RealPlayer and comes with other benefits, as well, such as easy installing, proper un-installation, the lack of background processes, consuming a small amount of resources and no adware.

Moreover, if you don’t want to install Media Player Classic, choose the Real Alternative Light pack. All in all, this codec is a discreet presence that does its job without disturbing.

Real Alternative 2.0.2 contains:

- Media Player Classic [version]
- RealMedia Codecs [version]
- RealMedia plugin for Internet Explorer
- RealMedia plugin for Opera/Mozilla/Netscape/Google Chrome
- RealMedia DirectShow splitter [version 1.3.1268.0]

The only difference between the regular and lite versions is that the lite version does not include Media Player Classic.

Changes in Real Alternative 2.0.2:

- Updated Media Player Classic to version rev. 107
- Minor changes
• Real Alternative 2.0.1
- Updated Media Player Classic to rev. 104
- Updated RealMedia codecs to
- Updated RealMedia Browser plugin to
- Updated RealMedia DirectShow splitter to 1.3.1268.0
- The RealMedia Browser plugin now also works with Internet Explorer 8
- Minor fixes and improvements
Reviews & Comments
Real Alternative 2.0.2
on 13 March 2017
I have been using this a few years now, after I got fed up with Real Player always adding it processes to startup, and always trying to make connections even when specially disabled all those options.

Anyway this is a must have program, and is a great way of getting MPC on top. Works with every Real media file I have used, so no problems there.
Real Alternative 2.0.2
Daniel Arbib
on 26 October 2011
I note that Real Player has now got into bed with AOL so I have had to look at Alternative to rid myself off the infernal AOL advertisement that Real Player now supports
Real Alternative 2.0.2
on 23 October 2011

LOL what a bummer for you with the hassle heh heh heh. interesting that you do mention about your experience with K-Lite Mega Codec Pack installation but you know, K-Lite Mega Codec Pack has already had Real Alternative integrated onto its core components and it was mentioned on as well. you dont need Real Alternative at all if you had K-Lite Mega Codec Pack installed on your computer. but again this only applies for version Mega Codec Pack of K-Lite. others are not.